Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Flip Your Lid [C3B]

From a 1/4 Tag.

There are four different actions within Flip Your Lid:

End of the Center Wave:
Scoot Back with appropriate outside dancer;

Very Center:
Do your part Centers Run & Circle 1/4 (be careful not to do a Scoot Back);

Outside Belle (if R-H 1/4 Tag) or Outside Beau (if L-H 1/4 Tag):
Do your part of Scoot Back & Circle 1/4 (to end facing in).

Other Outside Dancers:
Press Ahead, Trade (with opposite dancer), & Spread.

Ends in a 1/4 Tag.

Flip Your Lid
 part-way after

Dancing hints:

  • The End of the Center Wave can give the adjacent Center a slight tug (as you might in a Recycle or Flip Back) to start them moving in the correct direction.
  • The Outside dancers doing the Press Ahead, Trade & Spread should point at each other at the beginning of the call.

anything & Circle (fraction) [C2]: From applicable formations. All or Center 4 do the anything call. Outside 6 move up one position as in Swing & Circle 1/4. The move up direction for the Outside 6 (clockwise or counter-clockwise) depends upon the facing direction of the dancer who becomes the end of the Center 4 after the anything call. After completion of & Circle 1/4, the Outside 4 adjust as necessary to become Couples facing in. Repeat the entire movement (including the anything call) for each 1/4 (e.g., if the fraction is 3/4, do the entire movement 3 times). If no fraction is given, do the entire movement 4 times. -- Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.