Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Finish (A) {anything} [C1V]

Do the anything call leaving off the first part.

  • Historically callers have used the Finish CONCEPT in an inconsistent manner. They have wanted you to start at some point in the middle of the call and complete the call (e.g., from a Tidal Wave: Finish A Percolate). This use of Finish (A) anything frequently results in ambiguity (e.g., from Parallel Waves: Finish Swing The Fractions. Should you do the last 4 parts, the last 3 parts, the last 2 parts...?)
  • Today, the Finish CONCEPT is better defined, and most callers only want the first part of the call omitted.
  • Sometimes, it is possible to Finish a call even though it is impossible to get to that particular starting formation when doing the full version of the call (e.g., from a R-H Diamond: Finish Single Cross Trade & Wheel).

Finish Single Cross Trade & Wheel
Centers Trade
Step & Fold

Examples of the Finish CONCEPT:

From Trade By:

From Back-to-Back Lines:

From Facing Lines:

From Parallel Waves:

From As Couples Wave:

anyone Finish The Stack [C4]: From Facing Couples. Those designated walk forward to the other half of the Box to join R-H with the opposite non-designated dancer. Non-designated dancers adjust as necessary to form a R-H Mini-Wave Box. Finish The Stack is the last 1/2 of Stack The Line with the designated dancers acting as the original Leads.

Boys Finish The Stack
Boys Finish The Stack
( = Boy)
Boys walk forward to form a R-H Box

Like A anything [C4]: Do the last part of the anything call.

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