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Disconnected ({formation}) Concept [C2]
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Disconnected (formation) Concept -- [C2]
   (Lee Kopman 1981)

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Identified dancers work together in a setup which has gaps (consisting of other dancers or empty space) between some of the identified dancers. Identified dancers must end within the same set of planes as they started, or as close to these planes as possible.


  • If the given call changes the Disconnected formation from a 1 x 4 or a Diamond to a 2 x 2, end in the centermost planes (see the second example below).
  • It is optional for the caller to name the formation if the dancers have been otherwise identified. E.g., Boys Disconnected Swing Thru instead of Boys Disconnected Wave Swing Thru.

Girls Disconnected (Wave) Swing Thru

Boys Disconnected (Line) Cross Fire

Same Sex ( = Boy and = Girl)
Disconnected (Line) Cross Fire

Disconnected Columns of 3 Circulate

CALLERLAB definition for Disconnected Concept

Choreography for Disconnected (formation) Concept

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