Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Diagonal Box Concept [C3B]

A Diagonal Box is a 2 x 2 which is offset by two positions.

Diagonal Box Formation:


From a 2 x 4 there are two Diagonal Boxes. Work in the Distorted 2 x 2 illustrated below. Use Stars for the traffic pattern when appropriate.
Work with these dancers in a Diagonal Box.

Diagonal Box Counter Rotate 1/4:

Diagonal Box Counter Rotate 1/4

  • For historical reasons the word 'Box' is often omitted (e.g., 'Diagonal Scoot Back' means 'Diagonal Box Scoot Back'; 'Diagonal Circulate' means 'Diagonal Box Circulate').
  • Diagonal Coordinate | Motivate | Percolate | Perk Up | etc. means to replace the first Circulate of the call with a Diagonal Box Circulate. It doesn't mean to do the entire call within your Diagonal Box! Nowadays, callers can be more explicit by saying something like Initially Diagonal Box Motivate.

Diagonal Boxes can show up in formations other than a 2 x 4:

(Sometimes called Twin Parallelogram) (Also known as Parallelogram Split)

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