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Cycle & Wheel [A1]
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Cycle & Wheel -- [A1]
   (Ron Schneider and Dick Bayer 1975)

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From any Line of 4. EN: 10

Mini-Wave dancers Recycle as the Couple dancers Wheel & Deal. EN: 20

If both Ends start facing the same direction, the rightmost End and adjacent dancer go in front of the leftmost End and adjacent dancer. EN: 30

Ends in either Facing Couples (if the Ends start facing opposite directions), or Tandem Couples (if the Ends start facing the same direction). EN: 40

Cycle & Wheel

Cycle & Wheel


  • Cycle & Wheel never ends in Back-to-Back Couples. It ends in either Facing Couples or Tandem Couples. EN: 50
  • Cycle & Wheel is a generalization of Wheel & Deal [Basic] and Recycle [Mainstream], allowing the movement to be done from any line of 4. EN: 60
    • From a Wave, Cycle & Wheel is the same as RecycleEN: 70
    • From a One-Faced Line or Two-Faced Line, Cycle & Wheel is the same as Wheel & DealEN: 80
  • If both Ends start facing the same direction, be sure to pass Right-shoulders with the dancers from the other side of your Line. This ensures that the correct couple ends in front. This is the same rule as for Wheel & DealEN: 90
  • Cheat definition: Those in the Mini-Wave do a Centers U-Turn Back by turning toward the adjacent End; all Wheel & Deal. Will this cheat get you into trouble? Probably not. EN: 100
  • At the upper levels, there are several versions of Recycle (e.g., Facing Couples; Box | Split; Diamond). Hence, a slightly different definition of Cycle & Wheel has evolved, namely, Those Who Can Recycle as the Others Wheel & Deal. EN: 110
  • Cycle & Wheel was originally named Destroy The LineEN: 120

Recycle [Mainstream] (Lee Kopman 1974):

From a Wave. EN: 130

Mainstream definition:

Ends Cross Fold as Centers Fold behind adjacent Ends and follow them in Single File to face in to form a Couple (a 360° turn for the Ends). EN: 140

Challenge definition:

Centers Fold behind Ends and all adjust to a Mini-Wave Box; Box Counter Rotate 1/4; Roll. EN: 150

Ends in Facing Couples. EN: 160

Cycle And anything [C4]:
From applicable formations. Mini-Wave dancers Recycle as Others do the anything call. For example, (from a 3 & 1 Line) Cycle And Turn & Deal; (from Parallel 3 & 1 Lines) Cycle And Ferris Wheel. EN: 133

Cycle And 1/2 Tag

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