Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Cycle & Wheel [A1]
From any Line of 4.

Mini-Wave dancers Recycle as the Couple dancers Wheel & Deal.

If both Ends start facing the same direction, the rightmost End and adjacent dancer go in front of the leftmost End and adjacent dancer.

Ends in either Facing Couples (if the Ends start facing opposite directions), or Tandem Couples (if the Ends start facing the same direction).

Cycle & Wheel

Cycle & Wheel

  • Cycle & Wheel never ends in Back-to-Back Couples. It ends in either Facing Couples or Tandem Couples.
  • Cycle & Wheel is a generalization of Wheel & Deal [Basic] and Recycle [Mainstream], allowing the movement to be done from any line of 4.
    • From a Wave, Cycle & Wheel is the same as Recycle.
    • From a One-Faced Line or Two-Faced Line, Cycle & Wheel is the same as Wheel & Deal.
  • If both Ends start facing the same direction, be sure to pass Right-shoulders with the dancers from the other side of your Line. This ensures that the correct couple ends in front. This is the same rule as for Wheel & Deal.
  • Cheat definition: Those in the Mini-Wave do a Centers U-Turn Back by turning toward the adjacent End; all Wheel & Deal. Will this cheat get you into trouble? Probably not.
  • At the upper levels, there are several versions of Recycle (e.g., Facing Couples; Box | Split; Diamond). Hence, a slightly different definition of Cycle & Wheel has evolved, namely, Those Who Can Recycle as the Others Wheel & Deal.
  • Cycle & Wheel was originally named Destroy The Line.

Recycle [Mainstream] (Lee Kopman 1974):

From a Wave.

Mainstream definition:Ends Cross Fold as Centers Fold behind adjacent Ends and follow them in Single File to face in to form a Couple (a 360° turn for the Ends).

Challenge definition:Centers Fold behind Ends and all adjust to a Mini-Wave Box; Box Counter Rotate 1/4; Roll.

Ends in Facing Couples.

Cycle And anything [C4]: From applicable formations. Mini-Wave dancers Recycle as Others do the anything call. For example, (from a 3 & 1 Line) Cycle And Turn & Deal; (from Parallel 3 & 1 Lines) Cycle And Ferris Wheel.

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