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Cross Lockit [C3B]
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Cross Lockit -- [C3B]
   (Lee Kopman)

$B8@8l(B or                 All   
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From a Wave or a Two-Faced Line. EN: 10
Wave $B$^$?$O(B Two-Faced Line $B$+$i(B. JP: 10

As one movement, Lockit and Spread. EN: 20
1 $B$D$NF0$-$H$7$F(B, Lockit and Spread $B$r$7$^$9(B. JP: 20

Ends in a Wave or Two-Faced Line. EN: 30
Wave $B$^$?$O(B Two-Faced Line $B$G=*$o$j$^$9(B. JP: 30

Wave $B$+$i(B:

Cross Lockit

Two-Faced Line $B$+$i(B:

Cross Lockit

Dancing hint: Centers Arm Turn 1/4 and Spread as Ends slide in and Arm Turn 1/4. The Ends should pause before moving in order to allow the Centers vacate their spots. EN: 40
$B%@%s%9$N%R%s%H(B: Centers $B$,(B Arm Turn 1/4 and Spread $B$r$7(B, Ends $B$O(B slide in and Arm Turn 1/4 $B$r$7$^$9(B. Ends $B$O(B Centers $B$,>l=j$r6u$1$k$^$G(B, $BF0$-$rBT$D$Y$-$G$9(B. JP: 40

Cross Lockit is not a 2-part call, and should not be fractionalized as such. The call is danced as one smooth movement. Everyone can Roll upon completion of the call. EN: 50
Cross Lockit $B$O(B 2 $B%Q!<%H$N%3!<%k$G$O$"$j$^$;$s$N$G(B, $B%Q!<%H$KJ,$1$F%3!<%k$9$Y$-$G$O$"$j$^$;$s(B. $B$3$N%3!<%k$O(B 1 $B$D$N%9%`!<%9$JF0$-$H$7$FMY$i$l$^$9(B. $B$3$N%3!<%k$N8e$GA40w(B Roll $B$9$k$3$H$,$G$-$^$9(B. JP: 50

Cross Lock The Hinge [C3B]:
Cross Lockit; Hinge. EN: 310
Cross Lockit, Hinge $B$G$9!%(B JP: 310

Hinge The Cross Lock [C3B]:
Hinge; Cross Lockit. EN: 309
Hinge, Cross Lockit $B$G$9!%(B JP: 309

anything The Cross Lock [C3B]:
Do the anything call; Cross Lockit. EN: 773
anything $B$N%3!<%k$r$7$F(B; Cross Lockit $B$r$7$^$9(B. JP: 773

Choreography for Cross Lockit

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