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Cross Cycle [C3B]
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Cross Cycle -- [C3B]
   (Joe Chiles 1975)

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From a Two-Faced Line:

  1. Centers Cross Fold and all adjust to a Box (Bounce The Centers);
  2. Box Counter Rotate 1/4;
  3. Roll.

Ends in Facing Couples.

This is a 3-part call, and Callers often call 2/3 Cross Cycle.

From an applicable 2 x 2 (e..g, Facing Couples or Mini-Wave Box):

As one movement, (Facing or Box) Recycle & Slither.

Ends in a Two-Faced Line.

From a Two-Faced Line:

Cross Cycle
Centers Cross Fold
and adjust to a Box
Box Counter Rotate 1/4

Dancing hints:

  • In practice, since 1/3 Cross Cycle is rarely called, dancers do not adjust to make a box before doing the counter rotate 1/4. The first two parts of Cross Cycle are danced as one smooth movement (similar to a Centers Cross Kick Off then Tandem (Right or Left) Touch).
  • Cross Cycle can be disorienting for the Centers. Think of Cross Cycle as Centers Cross Run; all Any Shoulder 1/2 Tag; 1/4 In. This helps you get to the correct spot, facing the correct direction.

From Facing Couples:

Cross Cycle

Dancing hints:

  • Beaus 1/2 Press Ahead and Trade (with each other) as Belles do a normal Recycle (Dodge Left and Veer Left).
  • Beaus pick up the opposite Belles as in Flutter Wheel.


  • From a Two-Faced Line, Cross Cycle is equivalent to Centers Back-to-Back Slither and all Recycle.
    From a 2 x 2, Cross Cycle is equivalent to (facing) Recycle & Slither.
  • From a Mini-Wave Box, Cross Cycle is equivalent to Trail Off.
  • From a Box consisting of one Couple and one L-H Mini-Wave, it is illegal to call Cross Cycle and expect the Couple to work Mirror. The caller must explicitly say Mirror Cross Cycle.

From a 2 x 4, the term Split Cross Cycle should be used for the 2 x 2 version of the call.

Split Cross Cycle

All 8 Cross Cycle [obsolete]: From a 1/4 Line: Cross Concentric Cross Cycle. Ends in a 1/4 Line. Most callers instead say Cross Concentric Cross Cycle. All 8 Cross Cycle is analogous to All 8 Recycle [C1].

Choreography for Cross Cycle

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