Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Couple Up [C3A]
From an applicable 2 x 2. EN: 10

Box Circulate; Leaders U-Turn Back (toward the Center of the 2 x 2). EN: 20

Ends in a 2 x 2. EN: 30

Couple Up is a 2-part call. EN: 40

From a Mini-Wave Box:
Couple Up

From a T-Bone Box:
Couple Up

anything Couple Up or anything Like A Couple Up [C3A]:

Do the anything call; Leaders U-Turn Back. EN: 50

Note: On anything Couple Up, if the anything call is a Circulate the word 'Circulate' is conventionally omitted. Similarly, for Counter Rotate 1/4 the words 'Rotate 1/4' are conventionally omitted. For example, In Roll Couple Up means In Roll Circulate then Leaders U-Turn Back; Split Counter Couple Up means Split Counter Rotate 1/4 then Leaders U-Turn Back. EN: 60


  • Trade Couple Up: Trade Circulate; Leaders U-Turn Back.
  • Trade Like A Couple Up: Partner Trade; Leaders U-Turn Back. -- Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.