Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts

From Facing Couples.

  1. Circle Left 1/4 (or the given fraction);
  2. Beaus Walk as Belles Dodge.

Ends in a R-H Mini-Wave Box.

Circle To A Wave is a 2-part call.

Circle To A Wave
Circle Left 1/4
Beaus Walk, Belles Dodge


Mirror Circle (fraction) To A Wave [C3B]: From Facing Couples. Circle Right 1/4 (or the given fraction); Belles Walk as Beaus Dodge. Ends in a L-H Mini-Wave Box. This call has historically been known as Reverse Circle (fraction) To A Wave.

Circle The (fraction) Tag [C4] (Vic Ceder): From Facing Couples. Circle 1/4 Left; Beaus 1/2 Walk as Belles 1/2 Dodge (this is Circle The 1/4 Tag); Extend to the given fractional Tag formation. If no fraction is given, complete a full Tag The Line. Circle The 1/2 Tag is equivalent to Circle To A Wave.

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