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Butterfly Formation [C1]
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Butterfly Formation -- [C1]
   (Hank Drumm 1975)

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A Butterfly consists of dancers occupying the following spots in a 4 x 4 Matrix: EN: 10


From here... EN: 20
imagine you are here. EN: 30

A Butterfly is considered to be distorted Columns, as if the outside dancers slid apart from normal Columns. EN: 40

Butterfly Circulate
imagine you are here EN: 50

Checkmate The Column

Traffic pattern: For simple calls (such as Circulate, Walk & Dodge, etc.) move directly to your ending footprints. For more complex calls, start the call working distorted, blend into a normal setup, complete the call normally, and then have the resulting Ends move away from the Center in order to re-establish the Butterfly footprints. EN: 60

Sometimes the caller may wish you to start the call in your Butterfly but finish in a normal setup. In these cases the caller will put a suffix such as 'To Normal Waves', 'To A Line', 'To Columns', etc. (e.g., Butterfly Transfer The Column To Normal Waves). EN: 70

Note: A Butterfly can also be T-Bone in which case you do your part working within your set of distorted Columns. EN: 80

From here... EN: 20
imagine you are here... EN: 90
... or here. EN: 100

Split Counter Rotate 1/4

Mini-Butterfly [C1V]:
A Mini-Butterfly is a 6-dancer Butterfly. E.g., from an Hourglass Ignore the points of the Center Diamond. EN: 578

Mini-Butterfly FORMATION

think of working here EN: 110

Big Block CONCEPT [C3A]:
From applicable 4 x 4 Matrix formations such as Interlocked Blocks, a Butterfly, or an "O". Do the call working in distorted Parallel Lines. EN: 337

"X" CONCEPT [C4] (Jim Davis):
An "X" occupies the same footprints as a Butterfly but is considered to be two diagonal Columns which cross over each other in the middle. An "X" Circulate is the same as a Butterfly Circulate, except that the #3 dancers (in-facing Centers) do a Concentric Box Crossover Circulate (Jaywalk with each other). EN: 579

See also "O" FORMATION [C1] and Squeeze [C1].

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