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{anything} Chain Thru [C1]
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anything Chain Thru -- [C1]
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Do the anything call; Very Centers Trade; Center 4 Cast Off 3/4. EN: 10
Proveďte figuru anything; Very Centers Trade; Center 4 Cast Off 3/4. CZ: 10

Inpoint Triangle Chain Thru
Inpoint Triangle Circulate
Very Centers Trade
Center 4 Cast Off 3/4


  • anything Chain Thru is the same as Finish Diamond Chain Thru EN: 20
    anything Chain Thru je totéž co Finish Diamond Chain Thru CZ: 20
  • The Cast Off 3/4 can be either an Arm Turn or a 'Push' Cast. EN: 30
    Cast Off 3/4 může být buď Arm Turn nebo 'Push' Cast. CZ: 30
  • If the anything call is a Triangle or Diamond Circulate, the word 'Circulate' is conventionally omitted. E.g., EN: 40
    Pokud je anything Triangle nebo Diamond Circulate, pak se slovo 'Circulate' vynechává. Např. CZ: 40

  • Some callers use Chain Thru from formations such as Parallel Lines and want all the Centers to Trade; and all to Cast Off 3/4. We believe this is an invalid usage of Chain Thru since it can be ambiguous in several situations. For example, from a Tidal Wave, does the caller want the Very Centers to Trade & then the Center 4 to Cast Off 3/4, or does the caller want each side to do a Centers Trade & all Cast Off 3/4? Also, if Chain Thru is allowed to mean each side Centers Trade followed by all Cast Off 3/4, then from Twin Diamonds a Chain Thru could be interpreted as Centers of each Diamond Trade (since they are Centers of their 4-dancer formation), followed by confusion, since there is no adjacent dancer within their 4-dancer formation with whom to Cast Off 3/4. EN: 50
    Někteří calleři používají Chain Thru z formací jako třeba Parallel Lines a chtějí, aby Centers udělali Trade a všichni Cast Off 3/4. Věříme, že toto použití Chain Thru je chybné a v mnoha situacích nejasné. Jak je to třeba z Tidal Wave? Chce caller, aby udělali Very Centers Trade a pak Center 4 Cast Off 3/4, nebo mají Trade udělat Centers na každé straně a pak všichni Cast Off 3/4? Navíc, pokud by bylo povoleno, aby Chain Thru znamenalo Centers na každé straně Trade, pak vyvstane problém z formace Twin Diamonds, protože z této formace by se Chain Thru mohlo interpretovat jako Centers of each Diamond Trade (protože to jsou Centers formace čtyř tanečníků), a pak následuje zmatek, protože není nikdo, s kým by mohli dělat Cast Off 3/4. CZ: 50

Diamond Chain Thru [A2] (Deuce Williams 1972):
From Twin Diamonds. Diamond Circulate; Very Centers Trade; Center 4 Cast Off 3/4. Usually ends in Parallel Lines. EN: 390
Z formace Twin Diamonds. Diamond Circulate; Very Centers Trade; Center 4 Cast Off 3/4. Obvykle končí v Parallel Lines. CZ: 390

At C3A there is an additional (unrelated) use of the phrase 'Chain Thru': EN: 60
Na C3A je další (nesouvisející) použití fráze 'Chain Thru': CZ: 60

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