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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Alter & Circulate [C2]
   (John Saunders a Ken Orr 1971)
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From Parallel Waves or Eight Chain Thru. EN: 10
Z formace Parallel Waves nebo Eight Chain Thru. CZ: 10

  1. Arm Turn 1/2;
  2. Centers Cast Off 3/4 as Ends U-Turn Back; EN: 20
    Centers Cast Off 3/4, Ends U-Turn Back; CZ: 20
  3. Outside 4 Circulate as Very Centers Trade; EN: 30
    Outside 4 Circulate, Very Centers Trade; CZ: 30
  4. každý Diamond Counter Rotate 1/2CZ: 40
  5. Flip The Diamond.

Ends in (opposite-handed) Parallel Waves. Alter & Circulate is a 5-part call. EN: 50
Končí v Parallel Waves za druhou ruku. Alter & Circulate má pět částí. CZ: 50

  • The Diamond Counter Rotate 1/2 is also referred to as Star 1/2. The caller can modify the amount to turn the Diamond (usually 1/4 or 3/4). If you are a Center, be sure to retain handholds throughout the Diamond Counter Rotate. If you are an End, don't stick your hand into the "star," or you may cause confusion as to who should Flip into the Center. EN: 60
    Části Diamond Counter Rotate 1/2 se také říká Star 1/2. Caller může modifikovat počet otočení diamantu (obvykle 1/4 nebo 3/4). Pokud jste Center, pořád se během Diamond Counter Rotate držte za ruce. Pokud jste End, nedávejte ruku do "hvězdy", může vás to zmást a nebudete vědět, kdo má dělat Flip. CZ: 60
  • Wait until there are four dancers in your Diamond before you start the Counter Rotate. EN: 70
    Před tím, než začnete diamant točit, počkejte, až v něm budou všichni čtyři tanečníci. CZ: 70
  • Alter & Circulate is the same as Alter The Wave [C1] Interrupt after part 2 with the Ends Circulate as the Very Centers Trade. EN: 80
    Alter & Circulate je totéž co Alter The Wave [C1] po druhé části Interrupt Ends Circulate, Very Centers Trade. CZ: 80

Alter & Circulate
Arm Turn 1/2
Centers Cast Off 3/4
jako Ends U-Turn Back
Very Centers Trade
jako Outside 4 Circulate
Diamond Counter Rotate 1/2
Flip The Diamond


Star 1/4 or Star 3/4 (ends in a Tidal Wave); Don't turn the Star. Alternatively, the caller could say Alter & Circulate But Counter Rotate The Diamond 1/4 (or 3/4)EN: 90
Star 1/4 nebo Star 3/4 (končí v Tidal Wave); Netočit hvězdu (Don't turn the Star). Caller také může říct Alter & Circulate But Counter Rotate The Diamond 1/4 (nebo 3/4)CZ: 90

Spin Back [C4] (Norm Wilcox 1972):
From Facing Couples or a Wave. Arm Turn 1/2; Centers Cast Off 3/4 as Ends U-Turn Back. Ends in a Diamond. EN: 727
Z formací Facing Couples a Wave. Arm Turn 1/2; Centers Cast Off 3/4, Ends U-Turn Back. Končí v Diamond. CZ: 727
This is the first 2/5 of Alter & CirculateEN: 100
Toto jsou první 2/5 Alter & CirculateCZ: 100

{i - j - k} Alter & Circulate [C4]:
From Parallel Waves or Eight Chain Thru: Alter & Circulate replace the Arm Turn 1/2 with an Arm Turn i/4; replace the Centers Cast Off 3/4 with a Cast Off j/4; and replace the Diamond Counter Rotate 1/2 with a Diamond Counter Rotate k/4. Ends in Parallel Waves or a Tidal Wave. EN: 729
Z formací Parallel Waves a Eight Chain Thru: Alter & Circulate, ale Arm Turn 1/2 nahraďte Arm Turn i/4; Centers Cast Off 3/4 nahraďte Cast Off j/4; Diamond Counter Rotate 1/2 nahraďte Diamond Counter Rotate k/4. Končí v Parallel Waves nebo Tidal Wave. CZ: 729

Viz také Alter The Wave [C1].

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