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All 8 Concept [A2]
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All 8 Concept -- [A2]
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From a Generalized Thar, Squared Set, or other applicable formation. EN: 10

The 4 dancers nearest the Heads' position work together as the 4 dancers nearest the Sides' position work together. All eight dancers work simultaneously using appropriate traffic patterns. EN: 20

The All 8 CONCEPT is similar to the All 4 Couples CONCEPT [A2] but is usually used from a Generalized Thar instead of from a Generalized Squared Set. Many callers use these terms interchangeably. EN: 30

All 8 Swing Thru [A2] (Leland Cooper):
From a Thar (or Squared Set after everyone 1/4 In). Those who can Right Arm Turn 1/2; those who can Left Arm Turn 1/2. Ends in a Thar. Some of the Arm Turns require a Star across the Center. EN: 467

All 8 Swing & Mix [A2]:
From a Thar or other applicable formations. Arm Turn 1/2; Centers Cross Run (Star 1/2 & Slide); New Centers Trade (Star 1/2). Ends in a Thar. This is a 3-part call. EN: 468

All 8 Swing Thru

All 8 Swing Thru
Right Arm Turn 1/2
Centers Left Arm Turn 1/2

All 8 Swing & Mix:

All 8 Swing & Mix
Arm Turn 1/2
Centers Cross Run
Centers Trade

All 8 Switch To A Diamond:

All 8 Switch To A Diamond


  • Callers often use the words 'All 8' in a strictly helpful manner (e.g., All 8 Circulate, All 8 Motivate, etc.). In these cases, the caller is making sure that everyone is active for the next call, but is not using the All 8 CONCEPTEN: 40
  • For traffic patterns, most All 8 calls use stars, whereas most All 4 Couples calls work around the outside with a 'Weave The Ring'-action. EN: 50

All Eight Spin The Top [Plus]:
From a Thar, a Squared Set after everyone Face In, or from other applicable formations. Arm Turn 1/2; Centers Star 3/4 as Outsides move up 1/4 of a Circle around the outside. Ends in a Thar. EN: 148

See also All 4 Couples CONCEPT [A2].

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