A username/password pair is required to add or edit text within the Def2 database. ----------- For each English text change made, a timestamp is in placed into the database record, which alerts translators that the English text has changed and that the translated text needs to be reviewed. Changes of this nature are displayed in-line as a bold red 'update SE: 20'. ----------- If you translate something, and then discover that you've made a mistake, you can correct it as follows: 1) You go to the definition page that requires correction. 2) Click on your language radio button (to change from English to your language) 3) Click on the link entitled 'view (admin)' (upper right). 4) The page now displays all text for both English and your language. Each entry is followed by a language indicator (e.g., 'JP', 'DE', 'SE', 'DK', 'CZ', 'CH'), followed by a colon (:) and a number. This is a link - click on it to edit the item. ----------- Sections that need translating or updating can be found at http://www.ceder.net/def/viewchanges.php Click on your language. 3 pages can be accessed here. The first (which loads the slowest) shows in-line changes needed. The second shows subcall changes needed. And the third shows definitions that have not yet been translated.