Ceder Square Dance System (CSDS)
Sample Screen - Edit Music Database
Csds2 2.34  (October 2019)  
is the latest version 
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This window allows you to edit the CSDS Music Database.

The music database keeps track of your music files. Many fields may be set for each music file -- title, label, label number, rating, flags (genre), start and end positions for automatic looping, duration, beats per minute, desired percent tempo change, pathname of music file, pathname of cue sheet, pathname of lyrics file, comments, rhythm, phase (for rounds), key, date added, and more.

CSDS 1.14.00

To edit the currently selected item, choose 'Edit highlighted item' from the menu, or click on the 'Edit' toolbar button (the pencil icon). The Music Database - Edit Item window (shown below) is displayed, and you can now edit the individual fields.

CSDS 1.14.00

22-October-2019 22:26:01
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