A Becket A BasketID: 96

Never Called
Author:  Vic Ceder
Starts from:  Becket
Progression:  Normal
Difficulty:  Hard
Rating:  not rated
Calls used:  1/2 Hey, Basket, Diamond, Petronella, Slice Left

A1  Left Diagonal Forward & normal back (Slice Left);
Gents start LEFT 1/2 Hey to end in Long Lines.
A2  Right & Left Thru;
Ladies Left Allemande 1 & QUARTER (to Long Wave) then Face Each Other
as Gents slide Left a 1/2 spot to form a Diamond
B1  Balance Diamond + Petronella;
Balance Diamond + Petronella.
B2  (form a Basket)
Gents join two hands, then Ladies join two hands above the Gents,
Keeping hands joined...
Ladies lift up and back over Gents,
Gents lift up and back over Ladies;
Basket Swing (Circle Left) 1 & 1/2 (or 2 & 1/2) to end at Home.
(release hands to dissolve Basket formation)

Another way to form a basket:
Ladies join hands in the center. Gents join hands on the outside.
Then ladies raise their arms above and around the gents' heads.