Double AllemandeID: 90

Never Called
Author:  Vic Ceder
Starts from:  Improper + Step To R-H Short Waves
Progression:  Normal
Difficulty:  Medium
Rating:  not rated
Calls used:  Give and Take, Ladies Chain, Mad Robin

A1  Balance R+L + Right Allemande 3/4;
Ladies Left Allemande 1 & 1/2 as Gents face in.
A2  (Ladies pass Partner R-shoulders to go to the outside)
Gents Left Allemande 1 & 1/2;
Neighbor Swing.
B1  Give and Take to Lady's side + Partner Swing.
B2  Ladies Chain;
Mad Robin to face new neighbors and step to R-H Short Waves.

Ladies Left Allemande 1 & 1/2, go to outside and wait as Gents Left Allemande & 1 & 1/2.