Lotsa NeighborsID: 32

Never Called
Progression Not Validated
Timing and Flow Not Validated
Author:  Vic Ceder
Starts from:  Improper
Progression:  Normal
Difficulty:  Medium
Rating:  not rated
Calls used:  Box The Gnat, Butterfly Whirl, Pull By, Reverse Flutter Wheel, Star Promenade

A1  Neighbor R-H Balance + Box The Gnat;
Right Pull By + Left Pull By (N#2) + Right Allemande (N#3) full.
A2  (Neighbor #2) Left Allemande 1 & 1/2;
Original Neighbor Swing.
B1  Circle Left 3/4;
Partner Swing.
B2  Reverse Flutter Wheel (Gents Left Allemande once, picking up Neighbor);
Butterfly Whirl + Face new neighbors.