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Data fields within the Club Database
Special Indicators

  • New indicates that the record was created within the last two weeks.
  • Updated indicates that the record is not new, but has been modified within the last two weeks.
  • *** not validated *** indicates that the data within the record has not yet been validated. The database administrator will either validate the record, ask the club to provide or correct the missing or erroneous information, or remove the record or erroneous data from the database.
  • indicates that the club's web site has a reciprocal link to the Club Database.
Data Fields

  • Each record within the Club Database contains the following fields:
    (Numbers within parentheses indicate the size of the field in characters.)
    (Fields shown in blue must have a non-null value.)

    • Club Name (80)
    • Country (30)
    • State or Province (30)
    • City or Town (30)
    • Location (255)
    • Contact E-mail (40)
    • Contact Information (no size limit) contains information on how to contact the club.
    • Web Site URL (100) is the URL of the club's web site.
    • Logo URL (100) is a URL of a club's logo or badge (JPG, GIF or PNG).
    • Logo Height is the height of the logo in pixels.
    • Logo Width is the width of the logo in pixels.
    • MeetingFreq is a sum of the following: 1=first, 2=second, 4=third, 8=fourth, 16=fifth, 31=every, 32=irregular, 64=alternate
    • MeetingDay is one of the following: 1=Mon, 2=Tue, 3=Wed, 4=Thu, 5=Fri, 6=Sat, 7=Sun, 10=weekend
    • MeetingTime (255),
    • DanceType is one of the following: 0=dance; 1=class; 2=workshop; 3=tape_group
    • SquareLevel is the square dance level.
    • RoundLevel is the round dance level.
    • Flags indicate that kind of club.

      • Camping Club
      • Exhibition Group
      • GLBTQ Club
      • Handicapable Club
      • Singles Club
      • Youth Club
    • Caller, Caller2, Caller3, and Caller4 are the club caller's indices into the Caller and Cuer Database
      or 0 = "-", -1 = Guest, -2 = Local callers, -3 = National callers, -4 = Tapes
    • Cuer and Cuer2 are the club cuer's index into the Caller and Cuer Database (similar to Caller above)
    • More Information (no size limit) conveys any other information such as your yearly schedule. The difference between the More Information field and the Other Information field is as follows:
      1. The More Information field is only displayed on the club's individual page, whereas the Other Information field is displayed on the listings and on the individual page.
      2. The More Information field is formatted. Carriage returns and spacing are preserved.
    • PIN (4), is a Personal Identification Number, used by the individual when updating information within their database record.
    • The following fields can not be modified by the individual:

      • CreateDateTime is the date and time when the record was first created.
      • ModDateTime is the date and time of the last modification made to the record.
      • RecordId is a unique value assigned to each record in the database so that the record can easily be unambiguously located.
      • Validated when set, indicates that the record has been validated by the database administrator; when not set, *** not validated *** is displayed as part of the record.
      • WebLink when set, indicates that the web site specified within the record contains a reciprocal link to the Club Database; when set, is displayed before the word 'WEB SITE'.
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