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A2  AND  Static Set ==> Resolve (Asymmetric)  AND  Cut The Hourglass

 A2 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Asymmetric) -- Medium 
A2 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Asymmetric)   Medium   ID=9425   Print   (submitted by Don Kinnear)
Sides Fan The Top,
Face The Caller,
Centers Turn & Deal,
Those Facing Start Pass & Roll,
Out Roll Circulate,
Switch To An Hourglass,
Hourglass Circulate,
Cut The Hourglass,
Mini-Busy Outsides Roll,
Diamond Chain Thru,
Scoot & Dodge,
Turn & Deal,
Boys Zoom,
Centers Pass Thru,
Brace Thru,
Centers 1/4 In & Backaway Home

 A2 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Asymmetric) -- Hard 
A2 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Asymmetric)   Hard   ID=9641   Print   (submitted by Don Kinnear)
Heads Split Square Thru On 4 Left 1/4 Thru,
Split Circulate,
Girls DYP Explode The Wave,
Boys Extend,(left hand waves),
Very Centers Cast 3/4,
Cut The Hourglass (boys same spot off set waves),
Girls Pass Thru,
Very Ends Fold,
Outer 4 Step Ahead,
All U-Turn Back,
Step & Slide,
Girls Pass Thru,
Those Facing Start Pass The Ocean,
Grand Swing Thru,
Explode The Wave,
1/4 In Ends Twice,
Centers Backaway Home -- Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.