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Query results for: C4  AND  Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence)  AND  Step Lively

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C4 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence) -- Easy

 C4 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence) -- Easy 
C4 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence)   Easy   ID=7339   Complete Record
Heads Spin The Pulley But Counteract,
Lead The Class,
Split Phantom Boxes Belles Mark Time,
Split Phantom Columns Double Pass'er's Flow,
With A Touch Of Class,
Step Lively,
Nice And Easy,
Centers Pass In,
C4 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence)   Easy   ID=7316   Complete Record
Heads Split Dixie Spin,
Swing An Anchor,
Fall Into A Column,
Invert Lickety Split,
Own The Girls Belles Mark Time By Recycle,
Mirror Turntable,
Link Up,
Follow And Criss Cross,
Invert Good Show,
Stretch Bounce Nobody,
2/3 Countershake,
Interlocked Drop In,
Hot Foot Spin,
Short Trip,
Triple Boxes Shake And Rattle,
Roll Out To A Column,
Cross Head Tie,
2/3 Step Lively (or finally 2x step lively),
C4 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence)   Easy   ID=7409   Complete Record
Heads Swap The Top,
Scoot Back & Roll,
Initially Checkerbox Settle Back,
Like A Make A Pass,
Buckle And Run Wild,
Single Scoot And Trade,
Once Removed Central Cross Counter,
Reflected Cross Flip The Line 1/2,
Mark Time,
Step Lively,
End Girls Ripple 2,
Recount (er's) Clear Out,
Chisel Thru But Spin Chain And Circulate In,
Orbit Circulate,
C4 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence)   Easy   ID=7006   Complete Record
Heads Tag The Star,
First Go Left, Second Right Around 1 To A Line,
Stroll Down The Lane,
Couples 1/4 Twosome Single Hinge And Trade,
Cross Concentric Single Strut Right,
Once Removed Here Comes The Judge,
Triple Cast,
Step Lively,
Relay The Diamond,
Swing Chain And Circulate In,
C4 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence)   Easy   ID=9159   Complete Record
Heads Single Checkmate,
Central Bail Out,
Twisted Barge The Action,
Split Phantom Boxes Easy Does It,
Split Phantom Lines Stroll Down The Lane,
Butterfly Change O,
Phantom Lines Step Lively,
3x3 Scatter Circulate,
Turn The Key ... Like A Shazam,
20-September-2019 10:27:00
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