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Query results for: A2  AND  Singing call (Corner progression)  AND  Peel & Trail

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A2 -- Singing call (Corner progression) -- Medium

 A2 -- Singing call (Corner progression) -- Medium 
A2 -- Singing call (Corner progression)   Medium   ID=5427   (submitted by Thorsten Scheffer)   Complete Record
Heads Wheel Thru,
Pass The Ocean,
Boys Fold,
Peel & Trail,
Grand Swing Thru,
Spin The Top,
Boys Run,
Swing & Promenade
A2 -- Singing call (Corner progression)   Medium   ID=451   Complete Record
Heads Fan The Top, Sides Half Sashay,
Scoot Chain Thru,
Spin The Windmill Right,
Crossover Circulate,
Single Wheel,
Peel & Trail,
Swing & Promenade

Good in terms of number of A2 calls used. Not too keen on Single Wheel after Crossover Circulate from 2 faced lines. Also, Peel & Trail followed by Slip involves a full 360 degrees turn in the centre (probably just about OK). I personally prefer the Promenade to start at or within 2 steps of the home position rather than 1/2 way around the set.
Posted by Tony Collingwood on 14 December 2000     ID: 31
A2 -- Singing call (Corner progression)   Medium   ID=8885   (submitted by Carsten Toldbod)   Complete Record
Heads Pair Off,
Touch 1/4,
Split Counter Rotate,
Triple Scoot,
Peel & Trail,
Swing, Slip, Slide, Slither,
Trade Circulate,
Promenade Home
21-September-2019 23:53:15
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