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 C3A -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence) -- Medium 
C3A -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence)   Medium   ID=10562   Print   (submitted by John Hawley)
Heads Left Split Square Chain The Top,
Mini Chase,
Scoot & Fancy,
Boys Recycle,
Release 3/4 Alter The Wave,
Center Wave Swing Thru,
Triple Diamonds Drop Out,
Parallelogram Twist The Line,
Triple Columns Pass & Roll,
Swing The Gamut,
Flare Out To A Line,
Checkpoint Recycle By Ah So,
The Pulley,
Trade Circulate,
Drift Apart,

 C3A -- Zero Line ==> Resolve -- Medium 
C3A -- Zero Line ==> Resolve   Medium   ID=5387   Print   (submitted by Vic Ceder)
(Zero Line)
Catch 2,
Wrap To An Hourglass,
6 By 2 Acey Deucey,
Tandem-Based Triangle Funny Circulate 1 & 1/2,
Triple Diamond Any Hand Remake,
Outside 6 Funny Circulate,
Triple Diamond Flip The Diamond,
Jaywalk & Stampede,
Pass & Roll Chain Thru Reaction,

 C3B -- Zero Box ==> Resolve -- Medium 
C3B -- Zero Box ==> Resolve   Medium   ID=5585   Print   (submitted by Vic Ceder)
(Zero Box)
Change The Wave,
Boys Only Change Your Image,
"O" Magic Column Couple Up,
Split Phantom Columns Pass The Ocean,
Split Phantom Boxes Bias Motivate,
Triple Box Follow To A Diamond,
Girls Change The Centers,
Triple Diamond 1/4 Thru,
Very Center Boys Trade,

 C4 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence) -- Easy 
C4 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence)   Easy   ID=8986   Print
Heads Star To A Wave,
Outlet Er's Cover Up,
Split Phantom Columns Strut Right,
Triple Waves Flip To A Diamond,
Triple Diamonds Initially 1/2 Alter The Diamond,
Triple Diamonds Working Together Straight Connect,
Finish Cooperate,
Walk Out To A Column,
The Plank,
C4 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence)   Easy   ID=7320   Print
Heads Travel Thru,
Fractal Chain Reaction,
3x1 Mirror Shake And Rattle,
Rolling Sidetrack,
Triple Columns Reflected Double Pass To A Diamond,
Triple Diamonds Reverse Cut The Diamond,
Cross Make A Pass,
Gee Whiz,
Press For Time,
1/2 Tag,
Go First Class,
Initially Couples 1/4 Twosome Settle Back,
Reverse Change-O,
1/2 Exchange The Boxes,
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