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 C3A -- Zero Line ==> Resolve -- Easy 
C3A -- Zero Line ==> Resolve   Easy   ID=5362   Print   (submitted by Vic Ceder)
(Zero Line)
Pass Thru,
Wheel & Deal & Spread,
Plan Ahead,
Triple Star Thru,
Trip The Set,
Catch Swing Along 3,
Stable Peel Off,
Prom Home

 C3A -- Zero Line ==> Resolve -- Medium 
C3A -- Zero Line ==> Resolve   Medium   ID=5395   Print   (submitted by Vic Ceder)
(Zero Line)
Touch 1/4 & Fancy,
Single File Recycle,
Triple Trade 1 & 1/2,
Center 6 Stable Circulate,
Outside Triangle Funny Circulate,
Those Facing Start Chain Reaction,
End Boy Run,
Trip The Set,

 C3B -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence) -- Medium 
C3B -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence)   Medium   ID=7406   Print   (submitted by Thomas Borowski)
Heads Mirror Split Swap,
Left Pass & Roll Your Neighbor,
Single Ferris Wheel,
Double Pass Thru,
Stretch Latch On,
Link Up,
Drift Apart,
Initially Once Removed Hinge'rs Motivate,
Central Ease Off,
Cross Cycle,
Crossover Circulate,
Reverse The Pass,
3/4 Cross Flip The Line ,
Left Rally,
Checkpoint Linear Cycle By Mix,
Cut The Diamond,
Cast A Shadow,
Stretch Cycle & Wheel,
Double Pass Thru,
Own The Centers Trip The Set By,
   Stable Invert The Column,

 C3B -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence) -- Hard 
C3B -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence)   Hard   ID=9244   Print
Heads Wheel Thru,
Mirror Chain The Square,
Phantom Columns Stimulate,
Split Phantom Boxes Alter And Circulate,
Split Phantom Boxes Stingy Swing The Gamut,
Z 2/3 Reverse The Pass,
Z Axle,
Parallelogram Trade Circulate,
Initially Triple Boxes Percolate,
Own The Sides Trip The Set By Link Up,

 C4 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence) -- Medium 
C4 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence)   Medium   ID=7433   Print
Heads Split Turn And Q,
Finish Ride The Tide,
Trip The Set,
Pass The Top,
Split Phantom Columns Bridge The Gap,
Split Phantom Boxes Touch Of Class,
Triple Boxes Working Right 1/4 The Alter And Circulate,
Swing An Anchor,
Cross Reactivate,
Cross Flip Er's Flow But Criss Cross It,
Central Nice And Easy,
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