A2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
Central, Mini Busy, Peel & Trail, Scoot & Weave

Heads Double Star Thru,

Separate Around One To A Line,

As Couples Do The Centers Part Of Load The Boat,

Step And Slide,

Peel & Trail,

Touch 1/4,


Couples Circulate,

Mini Busy,

Chain Reaction,

Scoot & Weave,

Swing Thru,

Spin Chain The Gears,

Right & Left Grand

Full sequence from static square to a right and left grand get out. Makes use of As Couples centers part of load the boat.
I love this sequence but consider it Medium, not easy: (1) Coordinate
from BBGG column (2) Sashayed Chain Reaction (3) Sashayed Spin
Chain The Gears.
Posted by Larry Marchese on 21 October 2018     ID: 1104

Submitted by: Lloyd Lewis