C1 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Hard)
Circle By By (anything), Counter Rotate, Finish, Linear Action, Magic Column, Make Magic, Rotary Spin, Stretch, Swing The Fractions, Triple Box, Vertical Tag (The Line)

Head Ladies Chain,

Heads Touch 1/4,

Make Magic,

Magic Column Circulate,

Centers Trail Off,

Chain Reaction Star 1/2 (offset),

Each Wave Slip,

Triple Box Vertical 1/2 Tag,

Left Swing The Fractions 4/5,


Linear Action(push cast,offset),

Triple Box Trailers Circle By 1/4 By 1/4,

Stretch Recycle,

Finish Rotary Spin,

Left 1/2 Tag,

Ends Counter Rotate& Roll,

Centers Trade & Roll,


Submitted by: Don Kinnear