A2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Asymmetric)   (Medium)
Box Counter Rotate, Checkmate (The Column), In Roll Circulate, Pass & Roll, Split Counter Rotate, Transfer And (anything)

Heads Wheel Thru,

Pass & Roll Near 4 Spread,

Centers Trade,

Explode & Touch 1/4,

Transfer The Column,

Split Counter Rotate,

Checkmate The Column,

In Roll Circulate,

Centers Pass The Ocean,

Cut The Diamond,

Cycle & Wheel & Roll,

Left Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears,

Linear Cycle,

Near 4 Half Sashay,

Girls Flutter Wheel,

Centers Half Sashay,

Brace Thru,

Touch 1/4 All 8 Circulate,

Transfer & Box Counter Rotate,

Centers 1/4 In & Backaway Home

Submitted by: Don Kinnear