C1 -- Zero Line ➔ Resolve   (Medium)
(anything Diamond) Chain Thru, (Square The Bases) But (anything), Circle By By (anything), Counter Rotate, Cross Your Neighbor, Flip Back, Inpoint Triangle, Outpoint Triangle, Percolate, Regroup, Split Dixie Diamond, Square The Bases, Tag Back (To A Wave)

Pass Thru,


Square The Bases But Outsides Start A Split Square Chain Thru,

(finish the bases) Trade By,

Circle By 1/2 By Percolate,

(Girls) Do An Ends Bend,

Left Split Dixie Diamond,

In Point Triangle Circulate,

Out Point Triangle Chain Thru,

Crossover Circulate,

Left Tag Back,

All 8 Counter Rotate 1/4,

Flip Back,

Cross Your Neighbor,

Mini Busy,

Chain Reaction,

4 Boys Scoot & Dodge,

Cycle & Wheel,

Right & Left Grand

Submitted by: Lloyd Lewis