C1 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
(anything Diamond) Chain Thru, (anything) The Axle, (anything) To A Wave, All 8 Recycle, Interrupt, Regroup, Swing & Circle, Tandem

Heads Box The Gnat,

Split Square Thru The Axle,

Load The Boat Centers To A Wave,

Swing & Circle 1/2 Interrupt After 1/4 With All 8 Recycle,

Those Facing Pass Thru,

Chain Reaction,

Spin The Windmill Forward,

Center 4 Tandem All Regroup,

Centers Dixie Style Chain Thru,

Acey Deucey,

Outsides Load The Boat,

Centers Follow Your Neighbor,

Ping Pong Circulate & Roll,

All 8 Spin The Top,

All 8 Linear Cycle,


Submitted by: Don Kinnear