C1 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Hard)
(anything) The Windmill, Concentric, Counter Rotate, Distorted (setup), Finish, Rotary Spin, Triple Box

Heads Pass Out & Spread,

Split Counter Rotate,( same spot ),

The Windmill Outer 4 Forward,

Outer 6 DYP 6 By 2 Acey Deucey,

Girls Distorted Diamond Circulate,

Outsides Triple Box Counter Rotate,

Those Who Can As Couples All Grand Follow Your Neighbor,

Those Who Can As Couples All Grand Left Swing Thru,

Concentric Recycle,

Finish Rotary Spin,

Trade Circulate,

Ferris Wheel,

Centers Slide Thru & Backaway,


Submitted by: Don Kinnear