C2 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)


Heads Face,


Butterfly Zing,

Outer 4 Phantom All Touch 1/4,

Reverse Truck,

Inside Offset Wave Mix,

Girls Press Ahead,

In Your Block Zing,

Boys Phantom Left Touch 1/4,

Triple Cross,

Center 4 Circulate,

Siamese Peel & Trail,

Cut The Diamond,

Alter The Wave,

End Boys Ripple The Wave,

Triple Box Counter Rotate,

Invert The Column 1/2,

Crazy Scoot Back,

8 Circulate 2,

Explode & Outsides Roll Centers Backaway Home


Submitted by: Don Kinnear
Choreography Database -- https://www.ceder.net/choreodb/viewsingle.php?RecordId=9564