A2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
Motivate, Spin The Windmill, Transfer And (anything)

Heads Right & Left Thru & 1/4 More,

Girls Pass Thru,

Centers Spin The Windmill, Others Trade & Roll,

Crossover Circulate,

Cast A Shadow,

Centers Pass The Ocean,

Diamond Circulate,

Flip The Diamond Boys Roll,

8 Circulate Side Girls Roll,

Centers Circulate Head Girls Roll,

Transfer & Girls Trade Boys Individually Roll,

Crossover Circulate,

( your choice lockit twice or ),

Motivate Twice,

1/4 Thru 3 Times,


Promenade Home

Transfer & girls trade Boys roll
boys (#1 & #2 in the column) cannot roll as they end up per definition as a couple before the extend
Posted by Ingeborg Koerber-Luecker on 4 August 2016     ID: 901

Submitted by: Don Kinnear