C1 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Asymmetric)   (Medium)
2/3 Recycle, Block, Counter Rotate, Flip The Line, Press Ahead, Square Chain The Top, Zing

Sides Press Ahead Heads Face,

Far 4 Half Sashay Centers Half Sashay,

Square Chain The Top,

Boys Fold,

Pass & Roll,

Counter Rotate,

2/3 Recycle,

Counter Rotate,

Near 4 Boys Start Swing Thru,

Far 4 Girls Start Swing Thru,

Girls Press Ahead,

In Your Block Zing & Girls Roll,

In Your Block Split Square Thru 3,

Outsides Trade & Press Ahead,

1/2 Flip The Line,


Left Wheel Thru Outsides Roll,

All 1/4 In Centers Backaway Home

Submitted by: Don Kinnear