C3B -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
"Z", (any Tag call) & Scatter, Criss Cross The Deucey, Cross Flip The Line, Echo, Interlocked Rally, Reflected (Tag), Split Phantom Boxes, Stimulate (The Column)

Heads Swap The Top,

Scoot And Cross Counter,

Echo Split Phantom Boxes Cross Flip Er's Delight,

Explode The Top,

Initially Couples Twosome Catch 2,

Split Phantom Columns Stimulate,

Split Phantom Boxes Ah So,

Z Split Trade Couple Up,

Split Phantom Columns Chain The Square,

Keep Busy,

Criss Cross The Deucey,

Sets In Motion,

Interlocked Scoot And Rally,

Checkpoint Single Wheel By Reflected Tag Back,

Invert And Scatter,