C3B -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
Boomerang, Change The Centers, Explode The Diamond, Oddly, Split Phantom Boxes, Take (n), Trapezoid, Turn The Key

Heads Alter The Wave,

Mirror Split Square Chain The Top,

Take 2,

Funny Pass Thru,

Turn The Key,


Split Phantom Waves Follow Your Leader,

Turn The Key,

Split Phantom Boxes Scatter Circulate,

Split Phantom Boxes Link Up,

Link Up,

Explode The Wave,

Oddly Centers Turn The Key,

Explode The Diamond,

Single Cross And Wheel,


Catch Turn The Key 3,

Stretched Box Latch On,

Finish Change The Centers,

Switch The Wave,

Trapezoid Circulate,

Promenade Home