C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
Connect The Diamond, Follow & Criss Cross, Interlocked Parallelogram, Lead The Way, Mystic, Pass The Top, Quadruple (setups) Working (direction), Roll Out To A Column, Scatter, Shadow The Column, Single File

Heads Come Into The Middle,

Echo Heads Rip Off,

Interlocked Parallelogram Circulate,

Checkerboard Single File Shakedown,

Pass The Top,

Eight By Beau Hop The Top,

Split Phantom Diamonds 1/2 Exchange The Diamonds,

Split Phantom Diamonds Connect The Diamond,

Quadruple Boxes Working Forward Fancy,

Mirror Mystic Roll Out To A Column,

Shadow The Column,

Scatter Follow And Criss Cross,

Central Lead The Way,