C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
Run The Wheel, (I|O|R|L) Rigger, (Solid) Twosome, Clear Out, Cooperate, Cross Pair The Line, Fan Thru, Interlocked Phantom Boxes, Nice & Easy, Short Cut, Stack The Wheel, Strike Out, Transaction

Heads Fan Thru,

Lift Off But Stretch Stack The Wheel,

Tandem 1/4 Twosome Single Strut Right,

Inrigger Eight By Girls Run The Wheel,

Interlocked Rally,

Once Removed Cross Pair The Line,

Z Short Cut,

Triple Columns Working Right Cooperate,

Triple Boxes Central Strike Out,

Parallelogram Transaction,

Split Phantom Boxes Clear Out,

Interlocked Phantom Boxes Chisel Thru,

Initially Echo Split Phantom Lines Scatter Motivate,

Central Nice And Easy,