Basic -- Zero Line ➔ Resolve   (Hard)
Bend The Line, Couples Circulate, Do Your Part, Pass Thru, Right & Left Grand, Trade, Wheel Around

Pass Thru,

Bend The Line And Head* Couples Reverse Wheel Around,

Boys (connect and) Trade,

Couples Circulate,

Bend The Line And Wheel Around (You're facing Out),

Just The Girls Trade (same line, Right Hand to a New Boy),

Everybody Trade,

Face Your Partner,

Right & Left Grand!

*Head Couples here means the couple on the left end of the line. Use SIDES where appropriate. Dancers need to be aware of whether they are head or side couples, and REVERSE wheel around likely should be workshopped before calling this get-out. The "reverse wheel around" goes with the flow of the bend the line, and boys will connect in the center of the new two-faced line. If you're calling PLUS, Just Girls TRADE can become Just Girls do your part Trade the Wave. Everybody Trade & Face your Partner obviously becomes Trade & Roll

Submitted by: Michael and Heather Haworth