C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
1/4 The Alter, Crackle, Follow & Criss Cross, Gravitate, Interlocked Parallelogram, Orbit Circulate, Shadow (setup) (anything), Shift (n), Short & Sweet, Touch & Go By (anything)

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Heads Reverse The Top,

Jay Walk,

Mirror Gravitate,

Loop And Tag Reactivate,

Remake Interrupt Each Part With Mix,

Shadow Box Follow Your Neighbor,

Cross Nuclear Reaction,

Ease Off,

1/2 Reverse Crazy Circulate,


Orbit Circulate,

Criss Cross The Deucey,

Follow And Criss Cross,

Shifty 1/4 The Alter,

Touch & Go 1/4 By 3/4,

Interlocked Parallelogram Short & Sweet,

Reach Out,

Split Circulate & Roll,

Initially Checkerbox 1/4 The Alter,

Grand Mix,... Relocate,

Relay The Shadow,

Outroll Circulate,


Submitted by: Daniel Dietlein