C4 -- Static Set ==> Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Easy)


Heads Split Grand Chain 8,

Pass Thru,

Chase Chain Thru,

Explode And Tag The Star Reaction,

Explode The Toppers Percolate,

Split Circulate,...All 8 Circulate,

Lift Off,

Ship Ahoy,...Quick Step,

Expand The Column,

Detract 3,

Ah So,

Double Your Pleasure,

Boys Hinge,

Phantom Crossover Circulate,

Initially Boys 1/4 The Deucey,

Echo Checkerboard Swing And Mix,

3/4 Run Wild,

Explode The Wave,

Step And Slide,

Counter Shake,

Mini Busy,

Release Recycle,

Stretch Zoom,



Submitted by: Daniel Dietlein
Choreography Database -- https://www.ceder.net/choreodb/viewsingle.php?RecordId=7565