C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Hard)
(anything) And Anything, (anything) Cover Up, Wing, Change-O, Interlocked Phantom (C|L|W), Reverse Echo, Rotary Circulate, Tunnel (anything)

Heads Split Swap,

Spin Chain Thru & Anything,

Link Upers Cover Up,

Initially Tandem Pass The Ocean,

Grand Swing And Mix,

Echo Stretched Wave Ah So,

Change O,

Right Wing Stimulate,

Rotary Circulate,

Echo Once Removed Snap,


Reverse Echo Split Phantom Lines Split Swap,

Interlocked Phantom Lines Link Up,

Big Block Switch The Wave,

Big Block Ease Off,

Big Block Ease Off,

Outsides Press Ahead,

Trapezoid Brace Thru & Beaus Cross,

Change Your Image,

Tunnel In,

Dixie Grand,


Submitted by: Daniel Dietlein