C3A -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
(anything) The Gamut, Cross Counter, Initially, Latch On, Open Up The Column, Scoot & Fancy, Single Checkmate, Spin Chain The Line

Heads Wheel Thru Veer Left,

Couples Hinge,

Initially Once Removed Spin Chain The Line,

3/4 Tag,

Cross Counter,

Couples Circulate,

Bend The Line - Vertical Dixie Sashay,

Criss Cross The Shadow,

Swing The Gamut,

Ferris Wheel Tandem With The Flow,

Open Up The Column,

Single Checkmate,

Scoot & Fancy,

Left Latch On,

Out Roll Circulate & Mix,


Submitted by: Don Moger