C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
(Straight Away) But (anything), Bits & Pieces, Contour The Line, Counteract, Crackle, Curli-Pass, Run Away, Scamper, Scoot Apart, Snag, Straight Away, Tickle, Trim The Web, Turn & Weave

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Heads Curli-Pass,

Snag The Ends Bits And Pieces,

Flare Out To A Line,

Oddly Once Removed Contour The Line,

Stretched Wave Run Away,

Checkpoint Reach Out By Turn And Weave,


Trim The Web,

Initially Girls Tickle,

Reverse Checkpoint Scoot Apart By Recoil,

Diamondsome Hinge,

Straight Away But Turn And Deal,

Scoot And Scamper,