C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Easy)
Counter Shake, Cross Tie, Dixie Spin, Fall Into A Column, Follow & Criss Cross, Hot Foot Spin, Invert (Ends & Centers ), Mark Time, Roll Out To A Column, Short Trip, Step Lively, Swing An Anchor, Turntable

Heads Split Dixie Spin,

Swing An Anchor,

Fall Into A Column,

Invert Lickety Split,

Own The Girls Belles Mark Time By Recycle,

Mirror Turntable,

Link Up,

Follow And Criss Cross,

Invert Good Show,

Stretch Bounce Nobody,

2/3 Countershake,

Interlocked Drop In,

Hot Foot Spin,

Short Trip,

Triple Boxes Shake And Rattle,

Roll Out To A Column,

Cross Head Tie,

2/3 Step Lively (or finally 2x step lively),