C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
"Z"-(C|L|W), (any Tag call) Flow, On (n), Clean Sweep, Easy Does It, Nightmare, Push Off, Quadruple (setups) Working (direction), Quick Wrap, Snag, Stack The Wheel, Stroll Down the Lane, Tag The Star, Walk The Plank

*** not validated *** 

Heads Snag The Boys Couple Up,

Funny Split Circulate,

Once Removed Split Right On 3,

Centers Mirror Clean Sweep 1/4,

Split Phantom Columns Quick Step,

Z Columns Magic Walk The Plank,

Split Phantom Lines Stroll Down The Lane,

Head Boys Press Ahead,

Quadruple Lines Working Backward Tagger's Flow,

1/4 Cast And Relay,

Stretch Trail Off,

Once Removed Mix,

Initially Couples Twosome Stack The Wheel,


Push Off,

Quick Wrap,

Easy Does It,

Tag The Star Er's Nightmare,

Allemand Left