C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Easy)
(any Tag call) The Yellow Brick Road, Chain & Circulate In, Cover Up, Long Trip, Quadruple (setups) Working (direction), Relay Your Pleasure, Short Cut, Wipe Out

Heads Single Checkmate,

Short Cut,

1/4 Chain And Circulate In,

Split Phantom Boxes Wipe Out,

Quadruple Boxes Working Right Keep Busy,

Parallelogram Long Trip,

Triple Columns Working Left Cross Chain & Roll,

Offset Waves Cover Up,

Single File Recoil,

Triple Waves Left Swing Thru,

Z Axle,

Reverse Checkpoint Cross Roll By Cross Roll,

Fan Relay Your Pleasure,

Cross Nuclear Reaction,


Tag The Yellow Brick Road,