Basic -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
Allemande Left, Balance, California Twirl, Extend, Half Sashay, Ladies Chain, Pass The Ocean, Pass Thru, Right & Left Thru, Star Thru, Swing Thru

All Half Sashay,

Heads Pass The Ocean,

Extend (Boys Centers),

Swing Thru,


Right And Left Thru,

Star Thru,

Pass Thru,

California Twirl,

End Ladies Chain (Diagonal),

Star Thru,

Pass Thru,

Left Allemande

For students who have learned PASS THE OCEAN from normal arrangements. Here they learn PASS THE OCEAN from a 1/2 sashayed arrangement. Probably requires explanation.

Submitted by: Helmut Reitz