Basic -- Singing call (Corner progression)   (Medium)
Double Pass Thru, First Right, Next Left, Ladies Chain, Promenade Home, Right & Left Thru, Square Thru (n), Star Thru, Swing (Your Partner|Corner)

Head Ladies Chain,

Heads Star Thru,

Double Pass Thru,

First Couple Go Right, Next Go Left,

Right & Left Thru,

Star Thru,

Square Thru 3,

Swing & Promenade

According to the (new) 2018 teaching order, SQUARE THRU is taught after DOUBLE PASS THRU and 1st CPL LEFT, NEXT COUPLE RIGHT. So you might call "CALIFORNIA TWIRL" instead of "SQUARE THRU 3". - You might also add "full around" after SWING & PROMENADE, as the PROMENADE will take 20 steps.
Posted by Helmut Reitz on 5 November 2019     ID: 1189

Submitted by: Vic Ceder