C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
Convert The Triangle (Wave-Based), Go First Class, Invert (Ends & Centers ), Like A(n) (i.e., Last Part), Quick Change, Remember The Alamo

Heads Pass The Ocean,


Go First Class,

Crossover Circulate,

1/2 Tag,

Switch To A Diamond,

Outpoint Triangle Convert The Triangle,

Siamese 3/4 Thru,

Checkpoint Counter Rotate By Galaxy Circulate,

Centers Cross Back,

Wave Based Triangle Convert The Triangle,

6 By 2 Acey Deucey,

Flip The Hourglass,

Triple Boxes Circulate,

Invert Acey Deucey,

Quick Change,

Right Roll To A Wave,

Scoot Back,

Boys Circulate,


Remember The Alamo Like Patch The Girls,


Submitted by: Daniel Dietlein